All moved in!

We're officially all moved in. Well, kinda...

Wednesday afternoon we grabbed the U-haul. When we got there to pick it up, the tail-lights didn't work so after an our of trying to fix it at the pick-up location, they recommended we go to a U-Haul center. At that point, we had to take it over there and wait another hour for them to figure out why it wasn't working because they didn't have anymore trucks available to exchange ours out with. Finally, after we got that issue resolved, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings to have a going away dinner with the gang and said our goodbyes.

After dinner, we went to my storage unit first and packed everything up. Then we got all of my stuff out of the basement at my friend's house who I was living with. Everyone laughed and joked around about how much stuff I have for one person. They laughed about how I had four crates marked, spring, summer, fall, and winter. They said, "I didn't realize people shopped for any other seasons other than summer and winter". Ha-ha-ha, SO funny. We spent the rest of the night packing and loading up Zac's place in the U-Haul. The guy only had the last two weeks off to work to get this place packed but of course he waited until the last minute to start packing. His excuse being, "I didn't know where to start". I laughed and said, "Start with a box and throw stuff in it. We'll figure out where it goes when we get there". Packing can be challenging. You look at all the stuff you have and confusion sets in like, "Where do I even begin?".

We planned on leaving at 10am to get on the road but we were still awake at 7am packing up the last of the U-Haul. After we loaded everything up, we came back inside and took a nap on the carpet for a few hours. 6 hours later, we were driving down on the highway of Arkansas. Zac drove the U-haul, while I followed behind him in the car. It was nightfall when I noticed the U-haul was swerving to the right and jerking back to the left. I called Zac and said, "It's time to stop isn't it? You're swerving all over the road". He said, "Ya, I'm exhausted. I don't think I can drive any further".

We stopped at a motel for the night and got back on the road the next morning. We had another 12 hours and 700 miles to drive. The drive wasn't too bad. I played my Shania Twain CD's my aunt sent me, and sang most of the way. Once we got into Alabama, the view was gorgeous. I forgot how much I missed all the trees and rolling hills.

We ended up getting into Savannah around 3am. We drove around for awhile looking for somewhere to park the U-Haul and car so we could take a nap in the truck. We were waiting for the office at the apartment complex to open at 10am so we had some time to kill. After they opened, Zac signed the lease on his new place and got the keys to his apartment. We unloaded the boxes we had stuffed in our cars and got ready to get back on the road again. We jumped in the shower, got all cleaned up, and took off towards Atlanta so we could make it back in time to see Shania Twain in concert that night.

All in all, we were on the road for a total of 34 hours since Thursday. You could definitely say we're exhausted. Wednesday, I'll be back on the road again heading towards Nashville for a final summer family vacation before school starts back. Looking forward to reuniting with the family! 

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