Wichita Zoo

We had a fun day at the Wichita Zoo. Boy was it nice out today, but H-O-T! Today was a perfect day to go to the zoo. Because it was so hot, the zoo was pretty empty. It felt like we had the place to ourselves. 

My favorite part of the zoo was the rainforest exhibit they had. It was enclosed and air conditioned (see bottom panoramic picture). With all the trees, the air felt so thin and refreshing. I stopped to pause a few times just to inhale and exhale the air. They had so many cool and colorful birds flying around. We laughed and joked about one of the birds not being able to choose what color it wanted to be, so it decided to look like a rainbow. 

The zoo had beautiful flowers and plants. The plants had such vibrant colors. I'd love to find out what they are and incorporate them into my garden someday. 

These little guys put on some fierce faces for my pictures lol. The turtle above was totally mean mugging me. We got to see everything from cows, goats, birds, gorillas, elephants, monkeys, and tigers. We literally closed down the zoo for the night. The employees were trying to lock us in one of the exhibits, and come to find out it was already closing time. Time flew by! I forgot my fitbit at home today (as I do everytime I take it off to take a shower), but I'm sure we walked at least a couple miles and burned tons of calories in between walking and sweating lol.

Zac and I are counting our blessings this evening. After a fun day at the zoo, we were almost in a collision on our way home. Traffic was really heavy since we left during rush hour. As we were leaving, we decided to hit up this new donut shop in the area. As I waited in the left turning lane for traffic to stop and open up, the cars stopped and waved me to go ahead. As I proceeded to go, a car came flying through the turning lane and as soon as I saw her, I slammed on the brakes. Unfortunately, I was already over the line, so we did end up making contact. BUT, I'm thankful to say, it was minor damage compared to what could of happened! The driver side of her car caught the very front end of our car, leaving a smudge on the front of Zac's brand new car, and a streak down the driver side of the woman's car. When we got out to assess the damage, we both agreed we owed the man above a big "Thank You"! These things literally happen in the blink of an eye. What started out as a great day, didn't end amazing, but thank goodness it didn't turn out any worse than it did.

I'll be counting my blessings tonight. 

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