Viva Las Vegas!

Last month, we took a trip to Vegas. We had a blast! We stayed 4 nights, 5 days. Our first night in Vegas, we stayed at "The Blair Suites". Saturday rates in Vegas are double the cost so to save money, we opted out of staying on the strip our first night in Vegas. Our stay at "The Blair Suites" was great. When we arrived in Vegas, we took a $20 taxi ride from the airport to the hotel, which was located just on the backside of "Encore". 

After checking in, Zac thought he was going to take a nap, but I was ready to go-go-go. Who arrives in Vegas and takes a nap?! "No, lets go explore", I said. I dragged Zac's sleepy butt to the nearest bus stop, which was a 10 minute walk from our hotel. We purchased two 24-hour bus passes, which were $8/person, and boarded the bus. We rode the bus down to "Ceasar's Palace" and got off there to go explore their mall. Zac wanted to go shopping at Nike and find a Nike Vegas T-shirt. Not much to my surprise, everything inside Nike was double what I would pay for a sports bra or workout gear. Everything on the strip is double what it would be back home, if not triple, since they think you're going to go shopping on you Vegas winnings. Not this girl. I basically like to pay the casinos to play on their machines lol. 

Outside of the Nike store, everyone started gathering around this fountain with statues. We didn't know what everyone was gathered around for. We waited a few minutes, before I decided to run into another store. As soon as I walked into Abercrombie, the music started playing. I turned around and walked back out to Zac, and the fountain is shifting and these huge animated characters are rising out from these pillars. 

The show ended up being a dramatic play with a king, a mermaid, and a dragon. Not sure what the actual story was supposed to be about, but they used a lot of fog and dramatic music to create this fun little scene in the middle of this fountain. These big animated characters could move their arms and twist and turn. It was fun to watch. 

After the show ended, we continued to walk around the mall and check out all that they had. I stopped by H&M which was a two story store, with so much clothing, but I couldn't find anything that I couldn't live without. 

We spent the rest of the day walking the strip and popping in and out of several casino's. We burned some serious calories as we walked from one end of the strip to the other, in the 90+ degree heat. We stopped inside MnM World to see what they had. It was nice to stop every so often and cool off in the AC as well. Zac's nephew is 3 months old, and his nickname is "Little Max". We thought it would be cute to get him a MnM onesie. We explored all three floors of the store, which were filled with all kinds of crazy MnM souvenirs. They had everything from pajamas, to kitchen decor, to MnM nascar attire, in addition to all the MnM candy assortments. I wasn't looking to redecorate my place in MnM's anytime soon, so we didn't find much, other than the adorable blue MnM onesie for "Little Max". I've been to MnM World in NYC, so it appeared to be a lot of the same stuff. 

We also popped over to Hershey World. Omgeeee, YES! Now that's my store. They have a baking counter where you can buy fudge, cake pops, cookies, chocolate baked candies, and all kinds of delicious goodies. I bought a box of 4 cake pops, 2 cookies and creme and 2 red velvet. They were delicious! I also bought a bag of the new dark chocolate caramel candies. They were good, but I still preferred my Hershey's dark chocolate bar over the new caramel chocolates. It's a good thing we had done all that walking, because by the time we had walked from Caesar's Palace all the way down to the end of the strip at New York-New York, we had already walked a total of 10 miles according to Zac's phone odometer. Our feet were beginning to feel the pain.

In between all that walking, we took gambling breaks inside several casinos. We stopped and gambled at Aria, Bellagio, New York-New York, and Caesars Palace. It wasn't until the end of the day that we realized our tickets from one casino weren't transferrable to another, so by the end of the day, we had gathered a collection of slips of where we had gambled that day. That was a brain fart on my part. I completely forgot you had to cash out at each individual casino. So before we left Vegas, we had to remember to make second trips back to those casinos to cash out those tickets. 

Before cashing out at Aria, we were sitting on the roulette table and had already lost about half our money. Zac hits a random button and triples our money withins seconds! I'm yelling, "OMG! What did you just do??" He goes, "I honestly have no idea, but that was awesome!"

While in Vegas, we got to see a couple shows. We saw Blue Man Group and The Variety Show. Blue Man Group was awesome. At first, it started out a bit strange, but overall it was an interesting show. I paid $170 total for 2 tickets to Blue Man Group.  Getting to see that show was on Zac's "Vegas Bucket List", so he was ecstatic to see them perform. Overall, it was a fun show and I'd recommend it to families and couples of all ages. 

The second show we saw was, The Variety Show. It's supposed to be an all-in-one inclusive 
Vegas show, where you get a variety of every show being offered on the strip, all in this one show. Hints the name, The Variety Show. Zac and I love comedy, so during one scene it's supposed to be a comedy act and they pull people up from the crowd, up on to the stage. They make this tall 6'0 guy sit down in a chair and put on a Chinese woman face mask (one of those that goes over your head) and the comedian tells him what they want him to do. The comedian is whispering in his ear what he wants this guy to do, but this guy can't stop laughing. He's up there doing his own girly thing, like crossing his legs and waving his arms around. Every time the comedian would whisper to him to do something, he'd attempt to do it and just start dying laughing. Every time he'd start laughing, he'd start banging his foot on the ground, like he couldn't stop and get it together. At this point, everyone in the audience is laughing at this guy, and how tickled he is. Zac and I are laughing so hard, we're crying! The scene itself, didn't end up being that funny, but the guy wearing this mask, stole the moment and made me laugh so hard, I was crying. My abs were sore from laughing so hard! You just had to be there to understand just how funny it was. Lol, I wish I would of gotten it on video. So there were definitely a couple memorable parts of the show that we'll never forget like that, and the part where this ice skating duo held on to each other as her skates wrapped around his neck and he twirled her around in circles, crazy!

I found a video on youtube that sums up what I'm talking about, except this duo is on roller skates, not ice skates, but similar concept! 

On our third night in Vegas, we walked the strip and stopped to see the Bellagio water fountain show at two seperate times. The first one we saw was during the day time and the second one was at night, We also stopped in at The Paris Hotel & Casino to grab two eiffel tower drinks. These things are huge. One and done kind of drinks. I'm watching the guy make it, and I want to say they use Rum or Vodka and mix it with a strawberry daiquiri slush. I'm watching our bartender made ours and I'm thinking, "Holy alcohol!" It looked like mine was made up of 70% alcohol, 30% slush. My first sip was like, wowwwwwww that's strong!!! LOL, good thing we were walking back to the hotel that night. The eiffel tower souvenir drinks are $16.99/each. We were only able to pack one of the two in our carry ons. They can be used as piggy banks after you wash them out, so cute!

While we were at The Paris, we stopped in at the piano bar and hung out for a few minutes, listening to the music. My mom and I went to that piano bar the last time we were in Vegas and we had such a fun time. If you've never been to one before, it's two pianos that sit on stage and battle each other back n' forth. If I request a song be played and I pay $10, someone else can change it by paying $11 and requesting a new song. This will continue on and on until they're up to $20+ per song. Going to the piano bars is one of my favorite things to do while I'm in Vegas.

These were some of the stops we made along the strip that night. Not even knowing what Sprinkles Cupcakes was prior to this trip, we were heading back to our hotel, Harrah's, (which we switched too on night two) and decided to stop for a sweet snack. Within minutes of standing in line, the line was now out the door. We laughed and joked about how everyone else must be thinking the same thing at 12' o clock at night. Come to find out, I guess Sprinkles Cupcakes is a popular tourist stop here, and in locations all over the county. It wasn't until we got back from our trip that I started noticing "Cupcake ATM's" being posted on Facebook. I see why they're all the rage though, the lemon cupcakes I ordered were delicious! 

That night, we walked through the malls and browsed in the windows of some of my favorite designer stores. We joked about how hopefully we'll be able to afford designer labels someday, but for now, we're okay with just window shopping. 

One thing I love about Vegas, is the details in everything. Every casino, every building, every store, tells a story inside and out. I love architecture and design. It's so much fun just to walk up and down the strip and admire all the work and time that went into these places. It's like an art walk. 

Another thing I love about Vegas, is there's always something new to do no matter how many times you've been before. This was my third trip to Vegas, and Zac's first. I wasn't able to get him on the Stratosphere this time around, but maybe next time. 

We spent our last day in Vegas poolside, soaking up some of those Nevada sun rays and drinking margaritas. About 4 hours and a few margaritas later, I passed out in the cabana and woke up sunburned. Ya...ouch. You can rent a cabana for $50/day. It was nice because once it started getting to hot, or the sun was hitting us funny, we'd unroll one of the sides down and it would help protect from the sun. 

Over the duration of our trip, Zac made out pretty well on the craps tables. I lost about $200 on the roulette tables. It doesn't feel good to go back home empty handed. I hate losing! Lol, I had fun taking advantage of the open bar though, so hey-hey. After my second consecutive day of losing $100 on the roulette tables, I finally decided to quit while I was "ahead". I hit up the ice cream shop and snagged a table at the piano bar and enjoyed the rest of my night there. Zac stayed on the craps tables and checked in on me periodically. 

Overall, fun trip! We can't wait to go back. Next time I'd like to take Zac to see the O-Cirque Du Soleil show, it's amazing! Definite must see if you're panning a trip to Vegas soon. 

Until our next adventure, 

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