Bye Fur-Balls

So all ten of my puppies are officially sold and off to their new homes. Yesterday was my last day with them after I listed them on Craigslist. Within a matter of hours, my phone was blowing up with text messages. By night fall, they were all gone, except for one.


The one puppy was being held for a friend of a friend. I was supposed to drop him off to her last night on my way into work when she texts me to let me know that she's sorry, but the timing's not right and she's changed her mind. I'm thinking really...BUT I didn't waste too much time worrying about it because he just so happened to be my favorite in the litter. I told my boyfriend that I wouldn't keep one, unless something happened and one didn't sell. Lol, WHAT are the odds of that happening? I told him, "Look, fate decided I needed a puppy in my life". He didn't care either way. It's not going to be easy, but we'll manage it. For now the puppy's nickname is "Charles". The first picture was my other favorite. She was black and white and a bundle of energy. I decided a bundle of energy in an apartment, wasn't a great idea. The middle picture is their dad, he's a black husky/lab mix.

T-MINUS a week before our big move to Georgia. After living in Kansas for two years, I'm finally making the 1200 mile trip back home to be near my family again. Mom and the family are thrilled I'm coming home. We'll be leaving for Nashville the week after I return. Yay, family vacation.

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