Interactive Zoo

We had so much fun this past weekend at the G.W. Interactive Zoo in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

We drove down Saturday afternoon and stopped in Oklahoma City at the Tanger Outlets to do some shopping, and then headed another hour south towards our hotel.

Sunday morning we got up and drove to the Interactive Zoo. The tour started at 11:30am. We got to see all kinds of animals. The Interactive Zoo is mostly known for the amount of Tigers they rescue, but in addition to Tigers they have all kinds of animals like birds, bears, turtles, alligators, wolfs, bengal cats, skunks, kangaroos, baby tigers, snakes, reptiles and more.

Throughout the tour, you walk the grounds of the park and see the different animals. You also learn some of the rescue stories for different animals. Apparently, Tigers are very close to becoming extinct within the next 10 years. Sad to think our grandchildren's generation may not be able to do an interactive experience, like this one.

We got to interact with all kind of animals. I even got to give a camel a kiss! You stick the treat between your lips and the camel will take it straight from your lips. We also got to see and hold a 6 week old tiger cub. He was not a happy camper that morning. I'm sure he was scared, but his nails were sharp as he clawed at my legs to get into my lap. He was trying to crawl up into my arms. The difference between the 6 week old tiger cub and the 7 week old tiger cub was noticeably different, for just being a week apart.

We also got to hold a chunky little skunk. He was actually really cute and fluffy. He just laid in my arms like a baby while we snapped a quick pic. We also got to go inside the wolfs cage and pet the wolfs. They were just like big husky dogs, with slightly bigger paws. Guess not very many "sane" people can say they went into a wolf cage, let alone pet wolves, so that was a pretty neat experience!  

*Update* I was saddened to learn that the G.W. Interactive Zoo in Wynnewood, OK closed it's doors earlier this year. 

If you ever come across another interactive experience, definitely take advantage of the opportunity and let me know about it. We love animals and we love these experiences!



  1. love the pictures of your day at the zoo, looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Awww that pic of you kissing the camel is so cute!!


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