Date Night: All Star Sports

I love date nights. What better way then to take a break from a stressful week and go have some fun with your loved one. This week, we went to All-Star Sports. They have put-put, go karts, gold ranges, batting cages, an arcade, and more. 

For weeks, I'd been smack talking and saying how I could beat him on the tracks in go karts. He said, "Oh yeah? Bring it on." It wasn't really a fair run, because I got a slow kart and he got a fast kart. It was so slow, he was lapping me. I should of demanded a refund. What kind of crap was that, lol?! Of course after Zac won, he was on a roll about everything else he could beat me at. We're so competitive, I love it. 

We went to the batting cages and hit some baseballs. We thought, "Why don't we do this more often? This is fun!" Great way to alleviate some stress, and get a workout in. I hate that feeling when you hit the ball wrong and the vibrations rattle through hands, into your bones. It hurts! I did it twice while I was batting. 

Next, we played miniature golf and I was ready to own this. We stayed tied most of the game and on the last hole, I won! "Woo-Hoo", I shouted. Zac demanded a future round of redemption. 

Sometimes it's the little things you do on date nights that bring you lots of joy and excitement. Do you ever find yourself smiling and cheesing like a little kid when you do activities now, that you used to do when you were a kid? It took me back to my childhood for a bit. My family and I always loved going to these kind of places when we were on vacation. 

Zac's excited to go back again. I am too! We had a lot of fun. 

What do y'all do for date nights?

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